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About me…

and my first craft project!

That’s me, age 5. I struggled to create as a left-hander in a right-handed world. No left hand scissors and such way back then. Good thing I was persistent (more like stubborn if you ask my brother or sister) or I never would have grown up to be so crafty!

I grew up in Milford, Connecticut on Long Island Sound. I didn’t have many toys to play with – back then in the 1950’s we created our own fun playing outside, in sun and in snow! In our little neighborhood, I was the Mud pie Queen.

Just about every spring and summer day, I could be found with a pitcher of water, near the loose dirt of the White Japenese Spirea bush in our back yard, happily making mud pies in my little tin baking pans.

How is this a craft, you ask? Well, you see, my mud pies were no ordinary mud pies. They were decorated with all the creative bounty I could find in my little world. After making wet mud pies, I would place the pan under the branch of the Spirea tree, and shake the delicate white petal sprinkles on them, then set them to dry in the summer sun.

I can remember arranging the dried mud pies on a plate fashioned from a piece of cardboard, covered with grass clippings, and leaves gently arranged around the border. They were treats fashioned for a woodland fairy, or sometimes Mom, who always played like my mud pies were the yummiest concoction she ever “tasted.”

Sometimes, Mom would let me cut flowers from her beautiful garden to decorate my earthy “chocolate” confections. Happy little pansy faces, and zinnia petals were some of my favorites.

Mom is gone now, and our old rambling house has made way to a newer, more fashionable home for a young couple. But the Spirea bush still grows there all these years later. My crafting “roots” of sorts.

Spiraea Albiflora

Today, I’m Grandma to Max and Katie, and the art of handmade is still my passion. I’ve been fortunate to be a designer, book author, product developer and teacher in the Creative Industry for over 20 years. I’m excited to see the joy of creativity now being shared in new and exciting ways through blogs, forums and in ebooks. It’s a brave new world I’m leaping into, but then, this leftie has a wealth of creativity to share!

Little Max is only a year old and Katie brand new…but I can’t wait till the day when I can make new memories with them, making mud pies! A creative journey is always best when shared.

I invite you to join me as I continue my handmade journey on this site, sharing skills, ideas and inspiration with you. Visit often, and see what I’ve been concocting to share!

Creatively yours,